Whatever has happened? The humans should’ve never been able to find this world, and yet they did and they killed several of the townsfolk. Even nice old Mr. Gribblett, you know the old goblin down the block that made those fantastic hangnail candies. He was in the middle of his mid story afternoon nap he always takes when they killed him.

Ah, that takes me back. For the longest time, all the kids would gather every afternoon to listen to his adventuring stories, and as usual, halfway through, he’d doze off and all the kids would search his house for the candies he hid, eat them, and return and wait for him to wake up and finish the story. But now he’s dead, and all the children are missing! One of the neighbors who managed to hide mentioned a human in shiny metal armor spouting off something about the glory of Sarenrae or some other such nonsense.

Anyway, this area’s Monster King is looking for you. You were chosen to figure out how the humans are getting here and why.

The Gods Hate You All