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Character creation:

Change of plans. Pick a monster race, pick a class and let me know. No monster races with player stats unless it’s either a goblin or a kobold.

You can play any race with any class, and the stat boosts will change according to the class. If you want to play a construct wizard, that’s fine, we’ll just have to see how it pans out, maybe a boost to int and a penalty to a few of the psychical stats, we’ll see. Or if you wanted to be a gelotinus cube wizard, your first feat might be a mandatory still spell feat. We’ll make it work, so let me know.

If you’re playing a race that gets badass later, then there might be some leveling issues if you want the powers, either way, you will be a young version of your race.

Also, don’t worry about default alignments, they don’t affect you. Most alignments are allowed, I’d prefer no evil, but LE or NE is ok, CE is not allowed.

Main Page

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